Long day

Well it’s been one of those Saturday’s again. Been a really long day. I actually got up early for a change. About 09:00 I got up. Went and had my bath early then relaxed before heading off to work. I normally have my bath then as soon as I’m changed I head off to work. So no time for rest normally.

I bought an Xbox 360 for £25 yesterday and I’ve set it up in the bedroom now so I can watch the likes of Netflix, iPlayer, SkyPlayer, etc on it. Also will be watching the odd DVD on there 🙂 So this is what I was playing with before heading off to work earlier.

I’ve had my interview date confirmed for the position at Barrow-In-Furness club. It’s next Thursday 21st of March. Will be taking Nathan along with me for his interview

Good news on the Wales vs England Rugby match today. Wales 30 and England 3. Facebook was full of status updates and pictures involving the match.

Been tired in work today but this evening I flew through my paperwork and was finished work quite early today. So now it’s time to go home, relax and watch TV and browse the internet.

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