TV Day

Well finished watching New Amsterdam and I can say it’s absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to the continuation of the series as it seems to be on a half season break.

So watching this has made me want to rewatch House. I was big into it years ago but never completed it. So I’ve started it again today.

Had forgotten about the clinic bits mixed in to the main story. Always make you laugh. The whole thing is a good mix of comedy, drama and the medical science is very intriguing.

It’s The Weekend

Long couple of days at work. Had good news today that I got star of the week. That means I get an extra £100 in my pay this month. I do believe it’s because I stayed out an extra day to complete a delivery. It’s nice to be appreciated.

As always Romeo is happy to see me. He misses me when I’m away as do I miss him.

My boy Romeo happy to see me.

Not sure what I’m going to do this weekend. I always plan lots of things in my head but never actually do most of it. I could really do with sorting some stuff out and doing some tip runs. But I will probably end up just watching TV. Haha. Chow for now.

Traveling FOR WORK

One great thing about my job is I get to see all different parts of the UK. Never been to Hull before a few weeks ago and now I’m here again for the third time since.

I actually enjoy staying out in hotels too. Most of the time it’s a Travelodge which are pretty nice. Always know what your getting. I carry a Roku stick on my travels too so I can watch streaming services. Which these days is mainly Amazon Prime. Used to be Netflix mainly.

New Year’s Eve 2020

Well hello everyone. So it’s the end of 2019. This is the first year in my whole life I am bringing in the new year alone. I don’t know how to feel about it as I’m not really fussed about New Year as a thing but I’ve always had people to share it with and it’s never really about the event for me as it is spending time with friends, family and partners.

Homemade chips, chip shop curry sauce and Cumberland sausage.

I have been addicted to home made chips lately and been either having them with pepper, salt and vinegar or gravy but got myself some chip shop curry sauce. Think I made it a bit too thin but was still nice.

So hoping for a great 2020 and hope all my friends and family also have a great year!