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It’s The Weekend

Long couple of days at work. Had good news today that I got star of the week. That means I get an extra £100 in my pay this month. I do believe it’s because I stayed out an extra day to complete a delivery. It’s nice to be appreciated.

As always Romeo is happy to see me. He misses me when I’m away as do I miss him.

My boy Romeo happy to see me.

Not sure what I’m going to do this weekend. I always plan lots of things in my head but never actually do most of it. I could really do with sorting some stuff out and doing some tip runs. But I will probably end up just watching TV. Haha. Chow for now.

Traveling FOR WORK

One great thing about my job is I get to see all different parts of the UK. Never been to Hull before a few weeks ago and now I’m here again for the third time since.

I actually enjoy staying out in hotels too. Most of the time it’s a Travelodge which are pretty nice. Always know what your getting. I carry a Roku stick on my travels too so I can watch streaming services. Which these days is mainly Amazon Prime. Used to be Netflix mainly.