Day Off

Hey all. Day off today. It’s nice having 2 days off a week, but each week it’s different. Which means I can’t plan anything. But oh well.

This week my two days off have been together which is nice. Had a lovely time with my Fiancée Katie and we have done a bit of cleaning and re-arranging the house.

Looking forward to having a week off next month. Have the 8th to the 14th off for mine and Katie’s going out anniversary. We are going to go out for a meal or make a meal at home. Haven’t decide

New home town

Well it’s been a long time since I posted here. I have now moved to Barrow-in-Furness and loving the place and my new position.

My new house is awesome. 4 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and nice bathroom. Got all my stuff from my old house. My gorgeous fiancee Katie has been sorting out the rooms while I’ve been in work. She is constantly improving each room.

We have one bedroom for ourselfs, one for Nathan one as a guest room and one for the computer room. I’ve setup my server rack and started routing cables. Not put and trunking up yet. But I am making good use of my patch panel.

We have put a single bed in the guest room and have the two seater sofa in there too. So we have room for three guests in there plus we have the main sofa with it’s double sofa bed in the living room so room for 5 guest. Come and visit family 🙂

Katie has made the guest room very nice and continues to

Long day

Well it’s been one of those Saturday’s again. Been a really long day. I actually got up early for a change. About 09:00 I got up. Went and had my bath early then relaxed before heading off to work. I normally have my bath then as soon as I’m changed I head off to work. So no time for rest normally.

I bought an Xbox 360 for £25 yesterday and I’ve set it up in the bedroom now so I can watch the likes of Netflix, iPlayer, SkyPlayer, etc on it. Also will be watching the odd DVD on there 🙂 So this is what I was playing with before heading off to work earlier.

I’ve had my interview date confirmed for the position at Barrow-In-Furness club. It’s next Thursday 21st of March. Will be taking Nathan along with me for his interview

Good news on the Wales vs England Rugby match today. Wales 30 and England 3. Facebook was full of status updates and pictures involving the match.

Been tired in work today but this evening I flew through my paperwork and was finished work quite early today. So now it’s time to go home, relax and watch TV and browse the internet.

Nice lazy Sunday

Been a nice lazy Sunday today. Went to bed really late last night. About 6 am this morning. So I woke up at around 13:00. My Brother came around with his kids and we had a Coffee. For dinner we had half a Pizza each and I peeled some spuds to make chips. Been on the Laptop since just browsing the internet and Katie has been on webcam to her parents. Have defiantly reconsidered my move to Barrow-In-Furness and will be moving if I get the position at the Bingo hall there.

Still Awake

Well it’s 04:30am and I’m still awake. Feeling good though. Moved some furniture around with Katie and Brett. Moved the desk into the bedroom and setup Katie’s Computer. She is happy to be using it again. She has had her laptop but it’s not the same as sitting at a desk with a real keyboard, mouse and a good set of speakers.

Also moved a wardrobe into the spare room/computer room where my brother is currently living. So now he has somewhere to keep his clothes properly. 🙂

It’s always a good feeling getting something done. Especially if it’s something you have been wanting to do for a while.

Visited Nick for a while earlier too. We had a nice chat about Rocket Mass burner which we are both planning on building. I am planning on having a water heating circuit built into mine which will heat a home made hot tub and possibly the central heating system too via heat ex-changers.

Various video rounds on YouTube has led me to this video. I plan to closely follow this idea when I ever get my own place 🙂


Career Change

Well it looks like it’s time for a career change. Not because I want to but because I am being made redundant. I have been working at the Bingo Hall in Queen Street, Pembroke Dock, since 2002.

I was 18 when I started and worked my way up the ranks to Manager. I have been offered a position in another club but it looks like it will be too far away costing me too much money to move.

My backup plan is to work on the Taxi’s for State Cars and earn a living that way. Hopefully I can get a good wage from that.

If you know of any jobs going let me know 🙂

My very first Blog

Hi all. Just thought I would share with you all my very 1st Blog. I will try to update this fairly regular.

This will contain such topics as my everyday life, things I find Awesome that I wish to share, Tech, Linux, Games and what ever else I want to waffle on about.