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Career Change

Well it looks like it’s time for a career change. Not because I want to but because I am being made redundant. I have been working at the Bingo Hall in Queen Street, Pembroke Dock, since 2002.

I was 18 when I started and worked my way up the ranks to Manager. I have been offered a position in another club but it looks like it will be too far away costing me too much money to move.

My backup plan is to work on the Taxi’s for State Cars and earn a living that way. Hopefully I can get a good wage from that.

If you know of any jobs going let me know 🙂

My very first Blog

Hi all. Just thought I would share with you all my very 1st Blog. I will try to update this fairly regular.

This will contain such topics as my everyday life, things I find Awesome that I wish to share, Tech, Linux, Games and what ever else I want to waffle on about.